Whether you’re looking for Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Bonefit training, Shockwave or Personalized Exercise Programs, Optimal Health Physiotherapy offers a variety of physiotherapy services.

First Visit/Assessment $150

A physiotherapy assessment includes detailed questions about your condition and a physical exam. During the physical exam, your therapist will observe your injured area and determine your physical limitations.
After the physical exam, you and your therapist will discuss her findings and together create a treatment program. Time permitting you may have some
treatment and will be provided with some exercises. The assessment takes approximately one hour.

Treatment $85

Physiotherapy treatment may include:
-Manual therapy
-Modalities including heat, cold, electrotherapy, ultrasound
-Individualized exercise program targeted to your condition and goals

Treatments last 30-45 minutes.

Physiotherapy Treatment with Shockwave $105

We now have shockwave! Shockwave is a relatively new technology in orthopaedic physiotherapy. Shockwave is used with great results on chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff calcifications and many other types of tendinitis. It is an acoustic wave that stimulates tissue healing. It typically takes three to five shockwave treatment sessions about one week apart followed by a period of activity modification to see results.
Shockwave is one of the more aggressive treatments within physiotherapy; it is not unusual to have some soreness for up to one week after treatment.

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Online Physiotherapy Treatment

Assessment $150 | Treatment $85

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have closed the clinic to protect our clients and staff, and to help slow the spread of the virus. We realize many people still require physiotherapy services, and we can offer an online video call with your physiotherapist. During an online appointment, you and your therapist will discuss your symptoms, current limitations, and goals; and review your exercise program. Your therapist will give you advice regarding activities of daily living, pain management and self-care; and progress your home exercise program.

Online Assessment Example

Exercise Programs

We can help you develop a personalized exercise program that is safe, fits your schedule and improves your fitness. Programs can be designed for home, or we can accompany you to your gym to implement a program.